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You will find below the scientific publications illustrating the research areas of our expert. You can also find some videos of congresses and seminars on natural hydrogen. This work is the result of research programs in which Eric C. Gaucher was a participant or an organizer.

The headlines

Gaucher, Eric C., Moretti, Isabelle, Pélissier, Nicolas, Burridge, Glen, & Gonthier, Nicolas. (2023). The place of natural hydrogen in the energy transition: A position paper. European Geologist, 55. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8108239


Osselin, F., Soulaine, C., Fauguerolles, C., Gaucher, E.C., Scaillet, B. and Pichavant, M. (2022) Orange hydrogen is the new green. Nature Geoscience.  Vol. 15. N°10. P. 765-769. DOI: 10.1038/s41561-022-01043-9


Gaucher, E.C. (2022) Une découverte d’hydrogène naturel dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques, première étape vers une exploration industrielle. Géologues. Vol 213. P 92-95.

Lefeuvre, N., Truche, L., Donzé, F.V., Gal, F., Tremosa, J., Fakoury, R.A., Calassou, S. and Gaucher, E.C. (2022) Natural hydrogen migration along thrust faults in foothill basins: The North Pyrenean Frontal Thrust case study. Applied Geochemistry. Vol 145. DOI: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2022.105396


Gaucher E.C.(2020) New Perspectives in the Industrial Exploration for Native Hydrogen. Elements. Vol. 16, N°1. P. 8-9. DOI: 10.2138/gselements.16.1.8


Gapillou C., Pourtoy D., Thibeau S., Girard, J-P. & Gaucher EC., & Lescanne M., Mouronval G., Hy-Billot J. (2015). Chap 3: Geological characterization and modelling, in: Monne, J. (Ed.), CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE – The Lacq pilot – Project and injection period 2006 – 2013.


  • Leclere, B., Derluyn, H., Gaucher, E.C., Calassou, S., Diaz, J., Callot, J.-P. and Grégoire, D. (2022, 15th November) Diffusion driven barite front nucleation and crystallisation in sedimentary rocks. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Vol 337. P. 49-60. DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2022.09.039
  • Soetaert, F., Wanke, H., Dupuy, A., Lusuekikio, V., Gaucher, E.C., Bordmann, V., Fleury, J.-M. and Franceschi, M. (2022) Toward the Sustainable Use of Groundwater Springs: A Case Study from Namibia. Sustainability. Vol 14. N°7. P 3995. DOI 10.3390/su14073995
  • Strydom, J., Sterpenich, J., Grgic, D., Richard, A., Eggenkamp, H.G.M., Agrinier, P., Louvat, P., Mosser-Ruck, R., Gaire, P. and Gaucher, E.C. (2022, May) Experimental study of chemical evolution and isotope fractionation of Cl and Br in pore water expelled during strong clay compaction. Applied Geochemistry. Vol 140. DOI:


(en) Exploring Synergies Between Natural Hydrogen and Geothermal Prospecting – PIVOT 2023 – September 2023

The panel features:
– Helen Doran, Lead Geologist (Project InnerSpace) – Presenter
– Geoffrey Ellis, Research Geologist (USGS) – An Introduction to Natural Hydrogen Resources
Eric Gaucher – CEO (LH2G) – Bridging Natural Hydrogen and Geothermal Energy (15min 40s)
– Gabriel Pasquet, Post Doctorate (UPPA) – Unraveling Natural Hydrogen Production in Geothermal Systems (29min 40s)

(fr) Quel potentiel pour l’Hydrogène naturel dit « Blanc » ? – MIX-E – April 2022

(en) Rift and Rifted Margins Online Seminar – August 2021

(fr) Fluids project synthesis – Convergence: Orogen, Source to Sink, Fluids – février 2021